Welcome to Your Life

by far beyond frail

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10 years after the release of their first album, indie songwriting duo far beyond frail returns with a collection of confessional pop songs about the things that change everything. Welcome to Your Life, their sixth studio album, is an intelligent blend of hope and heartache that feels at home among female pop contemporaries like Christina Perri, Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles.

Notes from David:

Sharlynn and I released our first album 10 years ago in 2004. In the years that followed, we played hundreds of shows, in every corner of the country. And while music consumed our lives, life still happened to us. We met people, we fell in love with them, we fell out of love with them and they fell out of love with us. There is nothing extraordinary about this, but each time it happens, it knocks you off the course you were traveling by a few degrees. You are changed, perhaps imperceptibly, but undeniably and forever.

It matters how concentrated these events are, and it felt like our 20s were dominated by them. It was tumultuous, and exciting, and difficult, and wonderful. I don't know when it happened exactly – I'm sure it's different for everyone – but at some point these people and these events start happening with less frequency. Life smooths out a little and you realize you are the person you’re going to be, living the life you’re going to live. You can’t wait for you life to start any longer. It started. You’re in it.

If Empty City Nights was us trying to capture and say goodbye to the experience of our 20s, this album, Welcome to Your Life, is about what happens next. It’s about wanting to be who you are and wanting to be with who you’re with. And it’s also about everything that got you there. Those people and those moments that, as soon as they happen, you know that your life will now be divided into two parts—everything that happened before and everything that will happen after.



released July 15, 2014

far beyond frail is Sharlynn Verner and David Cecil.

Additional Musicians:
Justin Golden - Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Bass Guitar
Josh Seurkamp - Drums

Produced and recorded and by Justin Golden and David Cecil.

Mixed by Lance Davis.

Mastered by Joey Lemon.

Album artwork by Sara Duncan.

All songs written by Sharlynn Verner and David Cecil.


all rights reserved



far beyond frail Kansas City

far beyond frail is a songwriting duo composed of Sharlynn Verner and David Cecil. Formed in 2002 while studying music on Martha’s Vineyard, a small island off the coast of Cape Cod, they combine edgy love songs with stunning female vocals to create music that ranges from breathy and playful to moody and daring. ... more

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Track Name: Believe in Trees
Nothing's familiar, but nothing changed
The sun's still setting, but it's not rising the same
I finally had something figured out
I should've known I'd be let down

They call what I did a leap of faith
I believed in something and I guess they call that brave
Now I'm not sure if it was real
So I'm done wanting what I can't feel

I can't keep living my life believing what I've believed
I can't touch you or the sky, so I'll believe in trees

There is no arrow to point the way
No path I can follow that always ends up with me safe
Do you blame me, if I decide
To do what I need to to survive

I see the sky, I see the sky
I see my life, I see my life
I see the light, I see the light
This is my life, this is my life

I can't keep living my life letting you do this to me
Track Name: A Changed Man
Darling, would you believe what you just said
If it were someone else saying it instead
You’re one of the worst liars I’ve ever known
You don’t love me, you hate being alone

I'm sorry isn't a dozen roses
With thorns lying in wait
You can't fool me by saying you need me
When all you do is take

Spare me the lines, I know who you are
I'll save you the time, 'cause unlike before
I won't fall for your love again
Baby, you can dress up in fancy clothes
Put on the most impressive show
But you can’t fake a changed man

I know there is a good man underneath
But I'm tired of you hiding him from me
So I won’t wait around for you to realize
That you're tearing down every good thing in my life

You say it'll be different
But you can't do it without me
Baby, you should've thought about that
Before you lost what you had in me

I love you babe
That’s one thing that will never change
Enough to leave
And let you learn from falling flat
On your face
Track Name: I Never Lived Before You
I was born seven days ago on the North Shore’s edge
Took my first breath on a bench next to Lake Michigan
You were a light shining into my eyes when I couldn't see
Everything that I'd heard about being in love was in front of me
Your eyes said welcome to your life

I never lived, I never lived before you
I never loved, I never loved before you
I never laughed, I never laughed before you
I never lived before you

There was a time in my previous life where I thought that I
Had felt what it was to say that I was in love, I felt so alive
But is love really love if it isn't enough, if it fades away
One minute it's gone and you're left holding on to a memory
Until you feel what love's supposed to be

Oh, it feels like I'm waking up
Oh, it feels like I'm waking up for you
Track Name: No Fear of Falling
I've said goodbye and not meant it
Ran out of wine while running from it
That fear that kept me hiding
From feeling like I'm feeling with you

I've felt a hand but never held it
Told the truth but never admitted
I was so afraid of falling
I felt safer being lonely until you
I saw your face and everything changed

Now I have no fear of falling

I've been hurt, you said I'm sorry
I've made mistakes, you said don't worry
Because that's what led you to find me
And I don't want perfect, I want perfect for me
You made it OK for everything to change

You can love me, because baby I'm yours
When you hate me, baby I'll still be yours
I'll love you, I'll hate you, but baby I'm yours, baby I'm yours
Track Name: That's What You Could Say
Keep moving, keep walking, keep breathing, keep talking
If you stop then I won't start again
I'm broken, unsteady, I'm scared and I'm not ready
To face the world I've been left in
I know you want to help
But nothing can right now

Life will be normal again
That’s what you don’t say
Time will help your heart mend
That’s what you don’t say
Please don’t say what you can’t know
Just take my hand and don’t let go
I’m sorry, friend
That’s what you could say

I know you mean well when you tell me my life won't end
That may be true, but it's not the point
'Cause what's life without living, and how do you live if you're dying
From all the pain your heart is in
Don't try so hard to help
I just need a friend right now

I know, I know the wind will blow and
This storm will pass someday but
I don't, I don't need to hear you say so
Track Name: One Inch Away
Every time I see you boy
I sit and stare, eyes wide
Somehow it always feels like
The first and last time

We've always wanted something more
Never at the same time
That's why I'm frozen, standing still
As your lips move toward mine
I try to close my eyes

We are one inch away
Shocked that it's not too late
I never imagined after all our chances I'd finally say
We are one inch away

We've been alive and we've been dead
We've been in love, we've been friends
We've given up hope, whispered, "the end"
Then circled back again

There was nothing new about tonight
'Til something in your eyes
Caused the flame to reignite
Now they're an inch from mine
I won't pull away this time

I thought that you'd be the one
Who got away from me
I thought I'd be the one who
Got away from you