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Butterfly Sketches

by far beyond frail

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Portland 03:46
Hey love, I don’t understand Everything happened so fast, and now you’re gone I woke up alone and you were gone Last night you were talkin’ kinda strange You asked me where I’d go if we could both run away and I didn’t know But you said there’s only one place that you’d go You said the sun sets in Portland So that’s where I’m goin’ I guess that I’m hopin’ our story didn’t end And I’ll write you a letter Just as soon as I get there And it’ll say “Hey lover, I’m waiting for you here” “Hey love,” you whispered in your sleep I laid there thinkin’ you were talkin’ to me, oh where’d you go? I started to like not bein’ alone, where’d you go? I know that you don’t owe me a thing I guess I had hoped you wanted to need me, but you don’t And I wish I could let you go, but I won’t I heard the sun sets in Portland So that’s where I’m goin’ I guess that I’m hopin’ our story didn’t end And I’ll write you a letter Just as soon as I get there And it’ll say “Hey lover, I’m waiting for you here” Gotta leave before night falls ‘Cause if it falls, it’s fallin’ on me
Touch 03:44
I remember how your teeth felt, on the back, on the back of my neck. I remember stars that seemed too bright, lighting up that surreal night like little angels. I remember how your lips moved, softly ‘cross every inch of my skin. I remember lyin’ on my back, my hands gripping the grass like I was falling. And I remember thinkin’ that… In a few hours now it’s gonna rain. In just a few hours now, it’s gonna change. Things change in the morning rain, ‘cause baby, night is easier to take. First thing I said when those stars went away is I knew we’d touch, I knew we’d touch, but I didn’t know you’d stay. I remember how your hands felt, when they touched, touched a sinner like me. I remember wondering if the breeze was whispering to the autumn leaves, “She’s forgiven.” And I remember thinkin’ that… My love, my love, my love, if those night feelings start to fade – hang on, hang on, hang on. My love, my love, my love, those stars will come back some day. Just hang on, my love, hang on.
It’s been a long week and now I’m drinking That’s just to say that nothing has changed I met somebody, tried hard to love him but I guess it turned out the same One too many nights spent sleeping with someone I don’t know I keep sayin’ it’s all right Gotta be better than bein’ alone After so many lovers, why am I so far from love? How many hearts will be broken before I finally fall in love? Another late night, candles burning Another love tossed into the flames I’m gonna sit and watch the fire dyin’ and pray to God I don’t end up that way One too many nights spent fumbling someone’s heart to the floor Tell me it’ll be all right ‘Cause I probably can’t take too much more It doesn’t matter how much you love me I still can’t learn how not to leave
Everyone wants me to sing sad songs, so I do. ‘Cause everyone seems to have seen someone go, and I have to. They all say the pain is too much to pay, too much to pay to play these silly love games. I just don’t feel the same. ‘Cause even though I’ve been brought down so many times, I remember how you and I would... Fly – I know how love’s meant to be, ‘cause boy you showed me how it felt to Fly – I won’t stop trying to find, something that feels like you and I. Every time I leave my room, someone new catches my eye. I start to feel light and I remember how it felt, how it felt to fly. The same song gets sung again, we talk until we touch, then we touch until it turns to somethin’ sad. Guess I don’t think that’s so bad. Someday I’m gonna find someone that feels like you. Fly – I know how love’s meant to be, ‘cause boy you showed me how it felt to Fly – I know it’s somethin’ I’ll find, ‘cause baby, we’re all meant to fly.
Indigo 03:49
We started out fast We started out slow And it figures that I'd be the last to know That you were only playing a game It wasn't my face you saw Just a girl you once knew by a different name And if your heart is really in this I wish you'd find a way to show it Cause I'm out on a line wondering which way to go Caught between your violet skies And your blue eyes I'm feeling like indigo With no one to call my home You said that I am the light of the moon The light of the sun And I'm the place from which all your good things come And you said you don't want to see me cry You just can't bear to say goodbye before I do So if your heart is really in this Could you find a way to let me know it I'm tired of the meaningless words you say We're perfect and broken in one fucked up day
This town’s underwater, ‘cause I control the weather and ev’rytime I cry, it rains. This town ain’t seen a sunrise for what feels like a lifetime, ‘cause I ain’t had a happy thought in days. So last night I dreamed myself away. Last night I dreamed myself away from this place, it was a lovely dream. Such a lovely dream... ‘Cause you were there. Dreamed myself into a fairytale, and found you there. Babe, I’d dream myself anywhere, but you – you gotta swear that you’ll be there. I was tired of the East Coast, so I drove towards the West Coast. Guess I just got lost somewhere in between. The last time that I saw you was the last time that I’ll leave you, ‘cause I just can’t take you away from me. I need you there.


{remembering a montana night}

Years ago, I snapped out of a trance and noticed I was on a Greyhound bus, moving in slow motion through Montana - on my way to have my heart broken and put together again.

I slipped headphones over my ears, trying to drown out how quiet a bus full of strangers sounds, and pushed play on an album a friend had loaned me. The band was called Over the Rhine and it took about three notes for that album to take control of me – overwhelming even the weight of a Montana night. I rested the side of my forehead on the glass, listened to those songs on repeat, and quietly slid deeper and deeper into the lonely heart of the only state I’ve lost myself in.
And I listened.
Over and over.
All night long.
I had nearly let that night fade out of my memory, until recently, when the same hands that played those haunting notes in my headphones opened the door to an abandoned church, in a tired corner of Cincinnati, and welcomed us in.

We spent weeks in that church, watching summer turn to fall through broken stained glass, trying to understand the image of Christ on a cross, and recording the collection of songs you’re holding in your hands.

Whatever has happened that led you to our music, we’re grateful. Our biggest hope is that you’ll let us fill your headphones – while you rest your head on the glass, while you ride in slow motion – on your way to have your heart broken and put together again.



released April 3, 2007

far beyond frail is:
Sharlynn Verner - Vocals, Piano
David Cecil - Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Additional Musicians:
Ric Hordinski - Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Programming
Josh Seurkamp - Drums
Amos Heller - Bass Guitar

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Ric Hordinski at The Monastery (Cincinnati, OH)

Mastered by Richard Dodd (richarddodd.com)

Art by JT Daly (jtdalyart.com)

All songs written by David Cecil, except Indigo by Sharlynn Verner


all rights reserved



far beyond frail Kansas City

far beyond frail is a songwriting duo composed of Sharlynn Verner and David Cecil. Formed in 2002 while studying music on Martha’s Vineyard, a small island off the coast of Cape Cod, they combine edgy love songs with stunning female vocals to create music that ranges from breathy and playful to moody and daring. ... more

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