A girl, almost​.​.​.

by far beyond frail

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released April 28, 2005

far beyond frail is:
Sharlynn Verner - Vocals, Piano
David Cecil - Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar

Additional Musicians:
Lester Estelle, Jr. - Drums
Kevin Jones - Pedal Steel

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by David Cecil

Mastered by Don Miller at Airborne Audio (Lenexa, KS)

Photography by Leah Schaak


all rights reserved



far beyond frail Kansas City

far beyond frail is a songwriting duo composed of Sharlynn Verner and David Cecil. Formed in 2002 while studying music on Martha’s Vineyard, a small island off the coast of Cape Cod, they combine edgy love songs with stunning female vocals to create music that ranges from breathy and playful to moody and daring. ... more

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Track Name: I Think You Know By Now
Three fifteen, new morning
And I’ve only said goodnight
You called my phone, no one’s home
I think you thought that I was gone
But I’m alright, I’m okay
It was just one of those days
Baby I know

Sometimes it’s hard to tell
But I think you know by now
I am just a little confused
And though I may get down
I think you know by now
I couldn’t ever leave you

Walking round, upside down
Turning wheels inside my head
Lost control, found my soul
Guess it’s not as bad as I said
Say goodbye, say hello
Some things come, some things go
Baby I know

Some days I’m not that well
But I think you know by now
I am just a little abused
And though it’s hard to tell
I think you know by now
I couldn’t ever leave you
Track Name: This Time Love
I don’t know why I’m down, thought I’d be okay
If only I found a boy like you
Can’t figure it out, I’m barely breathing
Even though I have a boy like you

I’m sick of myself, guess I’m just broken
Seems there’s nothing to help a girl like me
I see in your eyes that you feel helpless
But there’s no use to try with a girl like me

I have tried to survive in my mind
But every night it just gets harder
And I could lie and say I’m gonna be fine
But I think you know that it’s over

You’ve told me before that I was pretty
Now that I’ve lost control, what do you see?
I don’t know why you think you love me
‘Cause I’m such a mess and you’re so damn clean
I used to be so clean

This time love can’t bring me back
This time love, you can’t bring me back
Track Name: Run Away
Stranger, you’re perfect
As far as I can tell
Would you like to go somewhere
to forget how life can hurt like hell

Let’s save the introductions
‘Cause the sun is already heading west
We’re too young to feel helpless
This might be the last chance we get

We’ll run, run away
Drive until daybreak, yea we’ll get out of this place
Life’s a hard road with no one to blame
But we’ll pick up the pieces we’ve lost along the way

We’ll live along a river
With a valley to ourselves
We’ll build a world for dreamers
Just like God once tried himself

Stranger, I need you with me
And I don’t even know your name
Let’s not tell our stories
There’s no need, ‘cause life hurts the same
Track Name: Ever Since You
The sun slowly melts away
Disappears beneath the water
You feel further away
With each and every tomorrow

If only time would
Go backwards things might get better
If only we could
Have stayed perfect and young forever
We’d still be happy just holding hands
I’d still have the best thing I ever had

After all these years, I’m still thinking of you
I’ve finally figured out, I should have waited for you
It’s so hard to go on, when I’ve realized I’ve been in love
Ever since you

I still read what you wrote to me
I somehow knew it’d be your last letter
I never would have thought to leave
If I knew love’s not the same when you’re older
Sometimes I see you in the faces of strangers
For a moment forgetting how I lost my angel

Ever since you I’ve been falling backwards
Letting go of love
Ever since you I’ve lost my grip
And I wish I could reach back to you
Track Name: Love Gets in the Way
Sweet deliverance
From a pillow and a bottle of pills
Striking a balance
Between what is perfect
And what is perfectly real
Could this all be a dream?

I can’t imagine you with another
Maybe I don’t want to know
But you are just like any other
That my heart needs to let go
And I’m haunted by the feeling
That I need to get away

But love gets in the way, child
And I can’t say goodbye to you

I could run down to Carolina now
Charlotte knows me well by name
But they’re devoted to their sunshine darling
And you know I love the rain
And I think that you could love me
Though I know you’ll never change

I probably should let you go and start again
Track Name: Over Again
How long will love last now
Until it’s over again

I watched you walk on by
And tears came to my eyes
Never thought I’d feel this way
When I see you I want to think
This is maybe worth a chance
But I really can’t say

I held on to you tight
And you kissed me goodnight
Then you left me here alone
And I hope that when tomorrow comes
You’ll come around again
But I really don’t know
Track Name: Screaming on the Inside
Walking alone
I never knew that summer could feel so cold
Does anyone notice me at all?
I never knew that I’d feel so small on my own
I’m screaming on the inside
‘Cause it’s the only place I’m heard

If anybody sees me, could you look me in the eye?
I need someone to touch me so I know that I’m alive
This world’s too big to be outside looking in

Curled up in coffee shop
Writing about things that break my heart
Like seeing two lovers meet
And how they can speak without saying a thing
While I’m screaming on the inside
I’m just dying to be heard

I go outside and just breathe in
The silence is so loud I think it’s gonna win
I’m tired of thinking about life
I only want someone to be here when I turn out the lights
I’m screaming on the inside
Tonight I might just scream myself to sleep

Will someone pull me in?