Empty City Nights

by far beyond frail

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“Empty City Nights,” the first full-length album from Kansas City duo far beyond frail, is an intimate portrait of urban life, love and loneliness. Recorded for $200, using just a laptop and one microphone, the album is presented as glimpses into the lives of different people during one city night. It is the kind of stripped back, raw, and emotional album that fans of far beyond frail’s live shows and earlier EP’s have been waiting for years to hear.

Notes from David:

In 2010, Sharlynn and I had decided to trade the road for an empty notebook, hoping to feel the world again in the only way we know how. Before long, we had filled the notebook up with memories, and thoughts, and songs. We'd spent years crisscrossing the country, touring as a duo, so when we wanted to turn these songs into an album, we decided it was time to make one as a duo. No more producers, no more hired musicians — just the two of us in a room with the ability to hit record. So, we bought $200 worth of recording equipment, closed the door, and set out to make the most honest album we could.

The album was inspired by the view from my loft in downtown Kansas City. I'd be looking out my window late at night, see a handful of lights on, and wonder what was happening in those apartments. I'd think about how empty the city can feel, even though so many people are awake in their rooms, going through their version of the same thing everyone else is. Soon, I realized the album we were writing is a trip through the thoughts of these people, in these apartments, on this one city night.

This album is about urban life, love, and loneliness. It's about being in your twenties, and trying to learn how to fall in love and how to stay in love. It's about being ready to feel something that means something.

It's about Empty City Nights.



released May 10, 2011

far beyond frail is:
Sharlynn Verner - Vocals, Piano
David Cecil - Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by David Cecil

Mastered by Don Miller at Airborne Audio (Lenexa, KS)

Cover photograph by David Cecil

All songs written by David Cecil and Sharlynn Verner, except "Empty City Nights" and "It's OK to Choose Her," written by David Cecil, Sharlynn Verner, and Joe McGill.


all rights reserved



far beyond frail Kansas City

far beyond frail is a songwriting duo composed of Sharlynn Verner and David Cecil. Formed in 2002 while studying music on Martha’s Vineyard, a small island off the coast of Cape Cod, they combine edgy love songs with stunning female vocals to create music that ranges from breathy and playful to moody and daring. ... more

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Track Name: Empty City Nights
Another lonely neon night
Moonlit city, moonlit life
I'm not the only window lit up tonight
If it were dark enough, I'd sleep
If there were light, I might believe
In you, in God, in hope, in love, in me

We all want to feel something
Something that means something

Everything is turning red
There's a pounding in my head
I can't believe that I'm back here again
Quiet, staring at the street
If I look long enough I'll see
Someone who feels the same staring up at me

It used to all make sense
But I've lost what I felt back then
I'm supposed to write a life, but I'm stuck again
You know, it's gonna be so strange
When we look back on these days
And see an empty page

Staring at city lights, another empty city night
Track Name: You'd Break Her Heart For Me
I can tell it's you by the time of night you call
Once the world falls asleep, so she doesn't know
You say we're just friends, maybe once upon a time
But something has changed, so this is goodbye
We can't be friends, 'cause

What if I say I love you? Do you know what that would mean?
How that would change things?
What if I say I want you? I'll tell you what that would mean
You'd break her heart for me

I remember when you asked me what we were
Looking back I know why; you'd just met her
I didn't say it then and I can't say it tonight
Trust me, you're better off with her in your life
And now we can't be friends, 'cause

You know who I am, always ripping apart at the seams
Babe, I can't let you leave her, for someone like me
Track Name: Someday Whole
Today may as well have been called yesterday
It all feels the same
Scared to close the door and feel this room empty
‘Cause I’ve felt that before

I need to know love could come save my someday
'Cause someday's all I've got to keep me hanging on
If I knew my someday love would be here one day
At night I might close my eyes and feel someday whole

I don't know what I lost, or when I stopped feeling
Like I was all of me
I'm always awake, all night just wondering
If tomorrow could change

Love, come save me
Love, let me save you
Track Name: Stay Awake
I wrap my arms around my knees
While you race to fall asleep
'Cause I know what you're gonna dream
You give me a hurried kiss goodnight
You can't wait to turn out the lights
To be with her when you close your eyes

'Cause as you fall asleep
You think that maybe this should be the last night
You spend without her lying by your side
And it took 'til now for me to realize
You're gonna leave if you dream of her

What's it gonna take to make you stay awake, oh darling?
She won’t last, still you’re drifting away
What's it gonna take to make you stay awake, oh darling?
To open your eyes and stay

I know how it feels to realize that
You let someone get stuck in your head
And worry you like feeling like that
But I know when you wake up to reality
It's never gonna be like the dream
So I'm only with you when I fall asleep

But when I look at you
Holding your pillow in your arms I see
You holding her, and not hanging on to me
Such a tragic way for you to leave
Eyes closed, chasing some stupid dream

Stay with your forever
I am your forever
Track Name: Ready to Fall
I stopped breathing, 4 'o clock this morning
When all of a sudden I woke ready to fall in love
To fall for you
I don’t know how this finally happened
‘Cause I meant what I felt when I said I was scared to fall
Especially for you
Why'd I have to change my mind, after I left you?

I'm ready to fall for you
I’m hoping you’ll still catch me
I see you from this ledge I’m on
I’m trying to make believe
You’re gonna be waiting down there for me
I’m ready to fall for you, knowing
You’re over me

I don’t know what I was so afraid of
The voice, the feeling that told me to believe in love
I wanted to
Instead I kissed you goodnight
And walked away from you

It’s funny that it’s gonna be love
That finally breaks me
‘Cause I’m falling whether or not
You’re there to catch me
Track Name: Change My Mind
It's been a long, long time
Since I've felt like a girl whose life
Was worth more than the sum of passing time
Another cold, dark night
Another chance, another try
To believe what you keep saying life is for
You say it's love, I say you're wrong

I want to believe you, so I'm asking you to
Prove me wrong tonight
You're all I never wanted, 'cause I've always thought that
Love can't change my life
Change my mind

I'll let you hold my hand
If you realize what you're up against
Love's never been in fairy tales of mine
Every time I think of love
Not love in songs, but in real life
It seems it hurts more than it's patient or kind
You say I'm wrong, I hope you're right

I don't think love can be enough
On nights when life hurts this much
Change my mind
Track Name: I Can't Hear You Breathing
Forty minutes before the alarm
I'm still awake, waiting out the dark
Watching you dreaming, and wondering where you have gone

I'm flipping through pages of an old journal
And finding a boy who feels so unfamiliar
My head starts spinning, as I'm reminded of who you were
When I knew for sure, that you were in love

I lay my head on your chest, try to feel it rising
There's a ghost in our bed, where I'm used to you lying
Are you in love, or are we dead? Baby, let me know you're living
'Cause I can't hear you breathing

You stare through windows, like the stars are falling
But your reflection shows eyes completely empty
A ghost of someone whose eyes showed the world to me
That's why I don't believe, that I can't hear you breathe

Feel my breath warm on your neck, while you're sleeping
If you're in there, I'll find you wherever you're hiding
Track Name: It's OK to Choose Her
Her eyes are blue like mine
It must be hard sometimes
To know who you want to see
When you look at me
Let's try to make this easy

If you need to love, it's OK to choose her
I can take it love, If you can say goodbye
If you need to love, it's OK to choose her
Come on, let me know and I'll let you go tonight
If you can let me cry

I fell like a shooting star
You held me like you were sure
You said we felt like a dream
But you woke up without me
Let’s try to make this easy

Say goodbye
Track Name: Try
The stars are dancing with the city lights
I trace the outline of the skyline
I'm reflecting back into your eyes
They lock with mine, brightest thing in the sky

You look like love, or how I imagined
Love would look to me
I can see how easy we would fall
If we decide tonight, that it's time to try

We're both wondering if the other's tried
To get closer, to another
But if we can't seem to look away
Stands to reason, we've both been waiting

The hardest part is over
All that's left is a future in love
Track Name: The Girl You Never Found
I'm surprised to see
She can't read your eyes like me
One look and I know everything
About you and me, what we could be
You're not over your first love
The girl you never stopped dreaming of  

I think you still love the girl you never found
Because you keep looking at me, when she turns around
There's a chair here, why don't you sit down?
Baby, take a chance on finding the girl you never found

You're trying to ignore
She's not the girl you feel meant for
The one that I can see
You remembered soon as you saw me 
When did you stop holding on
To hope you'd find the girl you love?

Don't just fall for someone
If you haven't found the one